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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

I have had a lot of favourite things lately! My Christmas tree being one of the main ones. Christmas is my favourite time of year, hands down, no doubt about it. I love Christmas. I love the food, the drinks, the company, the lights, the memories, the log fire channel [who doesn't?!], oh and did I mention food? Especially this year, with my never ending appetite! 
Well this year my Christmas tree is the best I've ever seen. 
Bo and I spotted it one day while we were walking around our back yard forest. We knew we were going to cut this one down for sure. One day, he disappeared for a little while, and then came back and said he got the tree! Once it was set up, I trimmed it in preparation for decorations. It was the first time Ive ever had to trim a tree since it was my first real one!
 Here it is pre and post trim!

 Here it is all decorated! No lights on.

 Here's one with the lights on! I love it sooooooo much!

Baby bumps first Christmas! Still blows my mind that I'm going to be holding a 9 month old baby in front of our tree next year!

I literally can't even describe my love for Chunky Kit Kats. I need them in my life, everyday. The funny thing is, it has to be the chunky ones. The regular ones just don't get me as excited as the chunky ones do. Talking about it makes me want to drive to town to get one.

While I'm in town getting my Chunky Kit Kat, I may as well stop at Tim Hortons and get one of these amazingly, delicious, chocolatey rich babies. The Candy Cane Dark Hot Chocolate. I love this time of year for the fact that theres so many different holiday treats! There are always seasonal hot beverages at all the different drive through's and coffee places. Love it! I've tried a few different ones from a couple different places, and this one will always win. The only downside, is that its quite a mouthful to say! Haha!

These. Right here. 
Since I've been pregnant, all Ive wanted is sugar. Especially sugary drinks. I never drink pop, but I want it soooooo badly now! I stumbled upon this brand at Sobeys one day and tried this flavour. SO GOOD. It comes in Cola, Root Beer, and Ginger Ale. Those are the only ones I've seen so far. This one is by far my favourite, but I do crave the Root Beer every once in awhile. 

My nails! I just think the polka dots are adorable.. I love gold... I love glitter... and that basically covers that!

But of course. My baby. He's always my favourite. Always and forever.