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Hunter's 8 Month Update!

I tried to measure him myself and I got 73cm.... How accurate that is, I don't know. I can't even remember how long he was at his 6 month appointment! 
We just weighed him and he weighs 21.2lbs. Considering how much he eats, I'm quite surprised he's only gained a pound in the last month!

It's basically the same as last month... but here are approximate times to our daily routine with play time in-between everything!
7am-7:30am: Wake up + breastfeed
8:30am: Oatmeal + fruit breakfast
12pm: Nap
1pm: Breastfeed + lunch
3pm: Nap 
4pm: Breastfeed
5:30pm: Possible nap...... This one is hit or miss. If he's not in his crib napping by 5:30 at the latest, we kiss this nap goodbye & work on keeping him entertained until dinner.
6pm: Breastfeed + dinner
7pm: Bath & books
8pm: Bedtime

He takes every nap in his crib + when he goes to bed for the night. He'll wake up sometime before midnight to breastfeed, then I'll bring him back to his crib if I'm awake enough. If not, I'll keep him in my bed with me. I'll almost always keep him in bed with me the second time he wakes up though.... Simply because I fall asleep nursing him.

He breastfeeds the same amount, if not more then he was last month. He eats breakfast lunch & dinner and possibly another snack at some point in the day.
Click here to see a blog post I did of what Hunter ate in a day :)

His clothes are anywhere from 6 months to 18 months. I would say he's mostly in 9-12 month clothing though. 
Size 4 diapers.

He hasn't made too much more progress in the walking game. He's taken a maximum of 2 steps but now he seems to just be practicing standing for long periods of time. Fine by me!! 
This is such a fun age. He's doing things like, flipping the tabs in his flip books, or changing the page when I'm done reading it (without me telling him to) or he'll grab his favourite book (Brown Bear Brown Bear) off the shelf, or crawl over to me when he sees me getting his high chair or bib out. He's so good at making connections. He's also starting to repeat what he's doing if we encourage him or if he notices that we think he's being funny. It's so cute! 

^^^ This smile... I can't even^^^

^^^Highly recommend this bath seat for parents with wiggly babies who like to move and splash in the tub!^^^

^^^Munching on an apple from the tree... Those are sun/water spots.. Not rotting spots^^^

Keep an eye out for the rest of our Christmas photos!