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Christmas Wish List!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! It seriously is my most favourite time of year. We've been listening to Christmas music non-stop for a week now. Hunter is absolutely obsessed with Jingle Bells & he loves the sparkly ornaments! He's going to be obsessed with Christmas just like his mama! We're not going big on Christmas gifts this year, if we even get any at all! Just a few small things for Hunter to open so we can have that wonderful "first time" opening presents on Christmas morning memory! 
Having said that, here are some things this mama would definitely have on the Christmas wish list!

I mean.. For obvious reasons! Who wouldn't want this! Hunter is obsessed with books and reading & we (mom & dad) LOVE Dr. Seuss! 

There are no words to describe how sad it is to have huge calves. Finding a great pair of over the knee boots is near impossible! I had a pair that I found at Charlotte Russe that were incredible, but they got worn down and ruined so I had to throw them away :( Wa wa wa.

Yes! We have so much property here & looootsss of snow! Hunter would love this!

Mom pouch for life!

Who likes washing dishes by hand 2-3 times a day? Not this guy. 

Bo moves around so much in his sleep. Hunter and I are always being bounced all over the bed! I'm such a light sleeper now as it is, so any movement he makes, wakes me up. 

Because I think it's time my living room has a couch! Yes.. you read that right. I do not have a couch Haha! We have a La-Z-Boy & a rocking char. 

I rarely do my nails because I never have enough time to do then plus let the dry. I gave myself a shellac manicure the other day and I forgot how convenient and amazing they are! 1 problem, I need WAY more colours. I only have 3!

A life time supply of these candles please. 

What's on your Christmas wish list this year??