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Feelin' Crafty

I was looking around in Pinterest this morning and found this site that had a photo of roses made out of leaves. I thought it looked so pretty and we have such nice coloured leaves in our yard right now, so I decided to give it a try. 

Here are the end results... I think it turned out quite nice! I only did 7 roses as my back was killing me for sitting so long haha! 

I also started a baby blanket... Ive come to the conclusion that it's going to take me a lonnnnggg time to finish it. The needles are big and it gets so heavy, causing my right pinky finger/knuckle to get cramped up and sore quite quickly. 

I think the needles are 15US. I really gotta find a way to sort and label those circular needles. They should stamp the sizes on them somewhere. Anyway, the yarn is Bernat Baby Blanket in "Little Sandcastles" colour. How cute is that? I got two 300g balls. I'm hoping that should be enough. The free pattern on the ball said to use two, so thats what I went by. I'm using a different pattern then they gave though. A simple 120 c/o. K20 P20. Repeat. Easy peasy.