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Bebe On The Way!

Well this blog came to a halt! Shortly after I stopped posting, I found out that we are expecting our first little bundle of joy! Since the moment I got pregnant, I felt more like a bundle of pukey tired crap then joy. Of course I was happy and excited beyond words! Don't get me wrong.... but the "morning" sickness I experienced was something else. It last the entire first trimester and I mean ENTIRE. I was sick morning, noon and night. Every smell set me off. I've gotten sick in too many public places for a girl who's not in college anymore, thats for sure! I was also exhausted. When I wasn't throwing up, I was sleeping. 

-12 weeks-
-13 weeks-

 Now that all that is out of the way, my second trimester is a god send so far! Thankfully! I can eat again.. mmmm of my favourite things to do these days haha! Grapes! I LOVE them! I also am obsessed with Asian salad... You know, the pre made ones in the bag that have the sunflower seeds and dried cranberries and that real good ginger sesame dressing. MMMM!! Although since we made our move to the east coast, I have NOT been able to find it!! I'm also craving a pepperoni and cheese pizza from this little take out place back in my hometown called the Jade. I swear, she makes the best pizza I've ever eaten. Being 36 hours away from this deliciousness hurts my soul. The yellow box Kraft pizza is a good replacement though.
-14 weeks-
Another pregnancy change I've experienced is the insane dreams! Oh my goodness. Ive woken up crying, sweating, talking, jumping, and even nauseated from the dreams! For the most part, they're pretty interesting, although some of them can be just plain insane and sometimes very scary. The plus side to all of the dreaming, I get to see a bunch of people that I haven't seen in a long time. Living so far away from anyone I know has kind of made me a bit lonely. The dreams are pretty entertaining! 
Speaking of the move, I do LOVE it where we live. I think its going to be the perfect place to raise our growing bebe! The to photos I took with the blue shirt and sweater on, were taken in "his" room. We both keep calling it a "him", but we don't know for sure yet. In the beginning, I was saying it was going to be a girl, but I think that's just because everyone else kept saying boy! I always had a feeling it's going to be a boy. Either way, I'll be happy! I just want a chubby, healthy bebe! Hopefully we'll get that ultrasound booked soon since I'm already 16 weeks along. It's been somewhat annoying and difficult trying to take find doctors, get appointments, get blood work and ultrasounds done, all while moving from one province to another in my first trimester! Slowly things are starting to come together, although I now need to find another OB since we moved to a different area of this province and the nurse practitioner I was seeing, is now an hour and a half away from me! I'm not too keen on driving that distance all the time, thats for sure. Soon, all the pieces will fall together and a new routine will be in place! 
-15.5 weeks-

I love being pregnant so far, even though the first trimester was pretty rough on me, and I'm sure it was rough on my boyfriend as well. I am appreciated every single moment and enjoying everything so far. Seeing my little bebe on ultrasounds, hearing and seeing his heartbeat, watching my belly grow, makes my heart flutter with excitement and so much love. I feel like such a proud momma already. At the last ultrasound [about 14 weeks], "he" was laying on his stomach/face, and when she pressed harder on my belly with the wand, he flipped over and was facing us! It was such a great moment to see "him" moving around in there. I can't wait until I can start feeling those movements. "He's" potentially due on my birthday! That's going to be a great birthday present :D