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Bump Update - 17 Weeks

How did you find out you were pregnant?  
I peed on a stick? haha! I was really nauseas and 'late' so I bought a pregnancy test. Plus before I even took the test, my best friend Sierra & my mom both were asking/telling me I was pregnant!
What kind of Pregnancy test did you take?  
A $5 pack of 2 from 7/11! You don't need the expensive $25 name brand tests after all ;)
How many?  
The package came with 2. The first one showed me 2 bright pink lines almost instantly. The second [I took the following morning] was the same.
What were your 1st symptoms? 
 Morning sickness for SURE. I was so so sick the whole first trimester. 
Who did you tell first? 
Mom & Sierra knew before I did. Bo was next.   
Who was with you when you found out?
 I took both tests alone. The second test, Bo was home, so I told him as soon as I came out of the bathroom. 
My 1st reaction:  
I was excited but I was overwhelmed with nerves of telling Bo. I knew he would be happy & excited, but it was still nerve wracking.  
When was the baby conceived?  
Sometime in June.
How far were you when you found out? 
About 5 weeks or so. 
How did your parents react?  
I didn't get to see the reaction in person since I lived 26 hours away at the time. They were excited & mom cried.
Due Date:  
March 21/2015 so far!
Do you know the sex? 
Not yet... but soon!
Any names?  
We have the boys full name all picked out and ready to go... a girls name? Not so much....
Any Ultrasounds?  
Have had 2 so far! One at 11 weeks and another one at about 14
Have you heard the heart beat?  
Yep! Heard it around 13 weeks... 164 bpm! Then at the second ultrasound it was in the high 150's
Who do you think it will look like? 
I have no idea! We know that our kids are going to have great hair though! haha!  
Will the baby have siblings?  
First bebe :)
Have you felt the baby move? 
Nothing yet... hopefully that happens soon as well!