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18 Week Maternity Photos!

I got upset at the fact that my best friend/personal photographer lives 15 hours away from me & I no longer have anyone to document my pregnancy! I was tired of my iPhone selfies. She so awesomely suggested to take my own photos. The only picture taking device I have besides my iPhone is my lap top! So, since theres no timer on my phone, my lap top won! Which kind of worried me because usually the quality is just ... well... crap. haha! Turns out, as long a you throw a little edit on them, they look not too bad! Still nothing compared to how they COULD have looked with her amazing camera and skills, and NOT my make shift stands and shifty webcam! But I'm workin' with what I got over here haha! She also took the time to edit some of my shots! Here's a mix of both our edits.

The shirt is a green chiffon halter from Warehouse One. This is actually my first time wearing it!
The pants are shiny black leggings from Garage. I bought them one year for a flamingo outfit. They are amazing comfy and they feel fun and slippery on your legs!
Boots are from my step dads mom. They were a Christmas gift!
Bracelet and ring are from Urban Outfitters. 
i love this one!

This shirt is quite large.... It also help that so are my boobs so it's not clinging to my belly what so ever! I don't even look pregnant in this outfit! 

This one is another favourite!

The top I bought from a friend a couple years ago. This is only my second time wearing this one. Its from Le Chateau. I'm not too sure if its a shirt or a dress.... 
The tights are just some cheap ones from the Bargain Shop. I never wore them when they were bought. That was a few years ago... They were quite holey in one leg form being moved so much!
The lipstick I'm wearing is "Dizzy" by Rimmel. 

This dress is amazing! It hugged all the right things in all the right places! I felt quite confident!

Seriously? Where did the baby go?

The sweater dress is from Victorias Secret. It has had quite the time with me and my ever changing body. When I first bought it, it was way too small. The first time I got to wear it, it was pretty tight, but it looked okay, I guess. The third time I wore it, was during a photo shoot with my best friend Sierra, and it fit perfectly! This time I'm wearing it, its too big! I'm going to keep it around for awhile. I'm sure it'll work perfectly for when this belly gets even bigger!
The leggings are from TNA. I have 2-3 pairs of leggings that still fit, all from TNA. They are my saviours right now. 
Boots are from Charlotte Russe. They've done their time. I desperately need a new pair. I had to hot glue the bottom of a boot in order to wear them for photos. Haha!
Belt is from Urban Outfitters. Headband is from the Bargain Shop. 
The lipstick is N.Y.C Smooch Proof Long Wearing Lip Colour in 489C. This stuff is amazing. It lasts for so long!

I loved this look so much. The outfit, the hair, the lip colour! Loved it.