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What I've Learned In The First 6 Months Of Motherhood!

The journey through motherhood continues! Do I even have to say that I can't believe I have a 6 month old baby? I think it's a given that his age is always going to come as a shock to me haha!
So lets just jump into it! 
1. Sleep training is frikkin HARD, but it is so worth it. 
2. It is so incredible when your baby learns something. Hunter learned to lift the flaps in his flap book & I cried. 
3. The very first solid food brings a crazy mix of emotions. 
"Is he going to want to stop breast-feeding?" 
"Is he going to choke on this?!" 
"Is he eating enough?" 
"Omg he loves it!"
4. Having said all that, you're still going to be second guessing yourself. 6 months in, I thought things would be a bit easier, but I constantly second guess myself & am always pondering the millions of decisions that I face regarding my child. A mother always only wants whats best for her child, and the answers don't always fall in your lap. 
5. Once they learn how to crawl, that's it. There's no turning back. What has been learned, cannot be unlearned. Prepare to re-organize your living areas. 
6. Teething is the biggest asshole. If you're lucky enough to have a baby who breezes through teething... Keep that information to yourself because my baby is the complete opposite & it's hard. It's so rough on him. Rosy cheeks, sore gums, irregular sleep... Gah!
7. You may have had plans to make all your baby's food... or do baby led weaning.. or do this.... or do that.. If you stick to your original plan, wow.. good for you! Haha! I on the other hand, have mixed it all up! I said I wouldn't give him cereal. Well guess who eats baby oatmeal or ancient grain cereal every morning! Ive done a bit of baby led and a bunch of puree. I've made my own, I've bought the jars. Do what YOU want and feel comfortable with & what works for your baby! 
8. Changing diapers gets interesting when you're baby is trying to twist and turn and roll over and crawl away. By interesting, I mean annoying. 
9. This is SUCH a fun stage. Learning your baby's ever developing personality is the funnest thing! You see what makes them laugh, and they make you laugh. You can play together and watch their reactions. Seriously. So fun! 
10. The love is unreal. Especially when they can give you hugs and kisses now. A kiss from your 6 month old baby is definitely on the Top 5 Cutest Things in the World list. When they put their hands on your cheeks and open those slobbery mouths and attack your face... Melt my HEART!!! 
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