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What I Learned About Pregnancy

Now that I'm 1 month postpartum, I thought I would do a little post on what I learned about pregnancy. This is obviously just in regards to my own pregnancy, as we all know, each pregnancy is different in their own way. These are just my thoughts and opinions!
17 weeks

1. Pregnancy waddle is real. It's crazy how much your hips want to be ahead of the rest of your body when you're standing, or walking. Plus it doesn't help that it feels like there's a head in-between your legs!
2. Cravings are also real. Kit Kat Chunky's, Creme Eggs, & Cherry Sours have never held such a special place in my heart. 
18 weeks
3. It's really hard not to compare yourself to other fellow preggos.. but try your best not to and remember that this is your own personal, unique journey!
4. You may get the weirdest, most inconvenient pregnancy symptoms, such as carpal tunnel, jumpy legs or blurred vision... & you might have them all at once.
20 weeks
5. You may feel extra confident with your baby belly & take a million photos of it.
6. Climbing stairs and hills gets real challenging in the later months. 
24 weeks
7. You may pee yourself a little while brushing your teeth/tongue due to sensitive gag reflex. 
8. You may change up your wardrobe to sports bras and leggings once things stop fitting.
26 weeks
9. The first trimester is brutal. If you're one of the special ones who didn't get sick, consider yourself lucky. I was nauseas and threw up everyday for 14 weeks... but then it was like a light switch & I wanted to eat everything!
10. The first time you feel the baby move, is amazing... but the first time I saw my boyfriend feel the baby move, was so emotional.
29 weeks
11. You're really not as "big" as you think you are. I've been looking back through my belly photos, and I really wasn't as huge as I or anyone else thought I was!
12. The gender ultrasound is so fun! We knew we wanted to find out what we were having right away.. Having the ultrasound tech show us his "parts" was so emotional! All I could say was "it's a boy!!!" & then tears started falling. It was the first time I cried at an appointment.
34 weeks
13. You may think you're in the clear for stretch marks, but truth is, you probably just can't see them on that part of your body. You'll see the reality of it once the baby is out. 
14. Emotions change on a dime.
38 weeks
15. It's not as hot as you think it is. Careful not to freeze your boyfriend by opening windows and turning off the heat in the car, during the winter months. 
16. Pregnancy is really not that glamorous at times.... Consider it preparation for the also not so glam labour & birth. 
38 weeks
 17. You will miss your belly after you give birth.
18. You never really get used to your belly sticking out so far. I grazed mine on doors, walls, and the fridge countless times. 
40 weeks
19. Epsom salts & lavender bubble bath is a treat for the tired, aching body.
20. 9 [10] months of pregnancy doesn't prepare you for the overwhelming feeling of love when you see your baby for the first time.
40 weeks & 5 days