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What's In My Hospital Bag - Postpartum Update!

So if you didnt originally see my first "What's In My Hospital Bag" post, click here!

Here are all the photos from my original post with the contents of the bags. I was only expecting to stay in the hospital for like, 2 days.... but we ended up being there 5 days, from Sunday-Friday... So that definitely plays a part in what I needed/should have packed. 

First! The clothing bag.
 So right off the bat, I'm going to say we needed more clothes. Bo for sure needed more. 
I should have brought pj pants. I really don't know why I didn't. 
I planned to wear my yoga pants as a going home outfit, but I ended up wearing them for a couple days in the hospital because I bled on one pair of leggings, and only had one other pair of leggings to wear. I also only had 3 tank tops... Definitely needed a couple more of those as well. 
I didn't ever use the flip flops.
The best thing I brought was my robe. It was greatly used, and then it was sadly missed because after labour, it wasn't wearable anymore... Another one would have been nice.
I would have really liked to have a nightgown that had easy boob access. That would have been nice to have as well..Maybe a couple of them actually..
 This blanket was so nice to have. It was nice to have something to snuggle with instead of the stupid hospital bedding. I would have had enough maxi pads for 3 days, but not 5. I ended up needing to use the hospital pads, which were definitely not as nice, and they didn't have wings, which I discovered is way better than no wings. I didn't need near as many nursing pads as I brought. My milk didn't really start flowing until day 4. Diapers - he wore newborn size for like, 1 day.. then we just used size 1's. I ended up having a bunch of size 1's of my own left over because we had a small package the hospital provided that we used first. 
 All the snacks were eaten.. it was 100% needed since the food there was CRAP and the cafeteria food was expensive. I wish I brought more snacks/food. Bo went home one night, cooked a frozen lasagna and brought it back. That was a good idea! 
I went through the baby wipes in 3 days.. I didn't use the coconut oil - and still haven't for that matter. Ive been really lucky in the breastfeeding department. I also didn't need the baby body wash/shampoo because the hospital gave us some. Everything they used for him was left with him. We even scored a soother.
He wore 1 pair of mittens, 1 onesie, 1 sleeper, and his going home outfit. I definitely overpacked in the clothes department. He was basically naked, wrapped in that top striped blanket the whole hospital stay. The nurses had to keep coming in and checking him and he kept having to have a bunch of tests done, so it was just easier to keep him naked instead of dressing/undressing him every time. 

So there's that! The only thing I really overpacked on was the baby's clothes. Other then that, it was pretty much all needed and used!