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A Late Night Random Post Of Gifts, Food + Photos!

I've been so uncomfortable today. My belly feels so tight, full and heavy. It may or may not be because I've also been really snack today. I won't admit to anything. Either way, I can't find a position thats comfortable enough toe it or lay in, especially since my stupid ankle is still swollen, sore and bruised! It's a tough life I tell ya! Haha, no I'm just kidding. It's a good life, just a bit uncomfortable today. 
Anyway, I've decided to write a pretty random blog post. I've collected a few photos of random things I wanted to share as well. 
Like these adorable mugs. Sierra made them for us! For starters, the mug itself is so great, I love the shape of them. Second, how cute are those trees? It made me wanna go scratch a "K+B" into a tree in our backyard. Maybe we'll do that. and then add "Baby H's" birthday whenever he's born! That's a fun idea. I'm going to do that. 
She also sent me this hahaha Which I laughed at when I opened because it was completely wrapped in a whole roll of toilet paper LOL Plus I'm still super loving Kit Kat Chunky's. I don't know what it is. The other day, Bo asked me if he could have a bite of my unopened Kit Kat. I said "yah, but could you cut it in half and take a bite from the middle?"....because I wanted to keep the very end parts to myself. What kind of crazy person am I becoming? hahaha
Adding to the cravings list is ice cream! I just love frozen treats so much. I think I'm going to get a box of those orange, pink and purple double stick popsicles next time I go to the store. Anyway, this ice cream is caramel with chocolate fudge swirls, and chocolate covered caramel pieces. Seriously, its so good. I originally wanted strawberry ice cream really bad, but couldn't find any at Wal Mart... We had just come from Sobey's and I didn't want to go back. 
Pop tarts. Love them. This is why I wanted strawberry ice cream. Could you imagine, warmed up strawberry pop tarts, with a scoop [or three] of strawberry ice cream on top!??! It would be like warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream... & come on... who doesn't love THAT!?
I also had a weird craving for thousand island dressing & instant pudding. 
We also bought some outfits for our little baby yesterday. It was exciting! The little onesies  are newborn, holy crap, so tiny. I know its a good chance he's not going to wear these for very long, but we don't plan on buying much more newborn sized clothes at all. The pants are 0-3 months. So stinkin cute. The white and grey striped onesie with the orange is my favourite! Everything else we have for him right now, has been given to us as gifts. I'm going to wait until my mom sends me a package from home [Red Lake] & then I'm going to do a blog post on some of the things we have so far. She got me this adorable car seat blanket that I want to show off! I had to leave it in Red Lake over Christmas though, as I only had a carry on and it wouldn't fit [I was trying to avoid baggage fees and make it a quick check in!]
Speaking of baby. I tried to make an overlay of what a 30 week baby would look like on my almost 30 week belly[29w3d]! I think it turned out looking pretty neat! 

Not too bad for 7 months +1 week +an abundance of snacks in the last 12 hours. haha!
Well.. I think anyway ;)
Another one I made a couple days ago. I was pretty held up this day. My ankle was petty sore and I just didn't feel like doing much. So I just laid around and watched Greys! 
Well I think I'm just about done now. As random as this was, I felt like I had so much more to say/talk about. Apparently not. Must've all slipped my mind :P 

Have a good night!