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Onions all over the place!

So I was taking a little walk through the garden this morning. Geez, was there ever a ton of onions growing in there. When we first started the garden, everything had its own place, all neat and tidy. Now, its a little bit of everything, everywhere. Personally, I love it. I think its great. There are 4 different places that have onions growing in them haha!
So as I was checking them all out, I noticed that a ton of them were super long and falling over under their own weight. So i took out the scissors and started snipping them off. I had a good handful once I was done. 

Then I went out and got more, because I realized I neglected a whole patch. Snippy snippity snip. I ended up with about twice the amount as the above photo. Then I chopped them all up with scissors.

I mean, those are some good looking green onions right? I put some on a baked potato last night. Mmmmmmmmmm. Anyway, I let these little beauties bake in the sun for a few minutes so they could dry out. I tossed em around with my fingers every once in awhile so as much water would evaporate as possible.
Once they were dry enough, I put them in this mason jar and tossed em in the freezer. This is so handy for storing them. Its going to be so easy to just grab this jar from the freezer, take what I need, and toss em back in! With the amount of onions that are growing out there right now, I'm pretty pumped that its this easy to store them. I also saw a posting on Pinterest where they recommend using a plastic water bottle. This is what I had sitting right in front of me, so that was perfect!