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I love my garden.  I love my neighbours garden. I love the lady down the streets garden! Not only have I enjoyed the whole preparing of the garden - digging, rows, planting seeds, etc., I've loved watching it grow! Every single morning, I walk through and look at everything. That usually isn't the only time I look at it... I usually go back at least once or twice more. It's my very first one! I'm obsessed with it!
I mean, how excited would you be to walk through your garden and see that the little seeds you planted weeks ago, have turned into vegetables! Look at that beautiful pea!
The flowers finally came in on the zucchini too! 
I seem to have forgotten to take a photo of the actual zucchini.... Oops. Next time. 
I also am a huge fan of having fresh radishes and green onions on hand!
Look at the cute little smile on that radish!
To add to my garden, is this amazing plant. I cannot remember what it is called. We met this lady who lives down the road, who has an amazing garden in her front yard. I love it so much. The colours in it are so pretty and contrasting.. Lots of bold plants that stick out. Anyway, one evening, we were walking by her house and she was outside, so we gave her compliments on her garden. We ended up standing there and talking with her for a long while. We left with these amazing clippings as well! Oh that lady is so so so nice. I was so happy to have met her!
Imagine this on a 12 foot by 3 foot [approximately of course] scale. Gorgeous right? I couldn't believe how incredibly generous she was. I have all of these little gems in little glasses of water. Some of them are starting teeny tiny little roots! One day I'll be able to plant them! The lavender smells absolutely amazing. That rose though! It was the very first thing she clipped & gave to me. As she was walking over to the rose bush, she was talking about when it was originally planted. It was 29 years ago, when her and her late husband found out they were pregnant with their daughter. She told me it was near and dear to her heart. That made me feel so great. Not just for the fact that I was getting this beautiful flower, but the fact that she gave a total stranger something that was so important and special to her. I definitely walked away from her house with a huge smile on me face!