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Well, this just happened.

Now, this is new. I'm on this "try new things" kick. There's not a lot going on in my daily life these days, being unemployed and all. New things are hard to come by, but I have discovered I have a love for gardening! That was a super new experience. My gardening skills before that consisted of killing house plants like it was my day job. Must have got that skill from my mom [haha, JK mom! Love you!] So along with gardening, I'm going to try this blog thing. It could be interesting. So here it is. My first blog post. Going great so far I think, right?

Well I guess I should type a little about myself. Get to know each other. Introductions. Hand shake perhaps?

HELLO! My name is Kristen. I am a 24 year old small town girl, living in a city of 130,000 ish people with my boyfriend. I needed to leave my home town and see what else was out there in the world...the country... ok so far, just the province. Maybe I'll get out of Ontario one day? Turns out, I don't like living in the city. I'm not a fan of how many people and vehicles are around all the time or the sirens, the lack of trees, stars, bonfires, and even privacy.

Even so... It's a new experience.. Though I do hope that another new adventure is on its way soon!!

Alright, thats it for now.. Just wanted to dip my toes in a little bit... I seem to have a horrid stomach ache right now, so I'm going back to the fetal position on the couch & putting on Grey's Anatomy.