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5 Month Postpartum Update!

2 months... It's been 2 months since my last blog post. Oops! 
Here are a bunch of 4 month photos of Hunter! I'll post his 5 month photos at the end of his update.
He's going bald!

He's into mini naps. 

Sitting up for the first time on his own!
These two... Haha!
No, were not related.
Breastfeeding in the backseat while dad washes the car! Had to cover the little guy's head because he was way too distracted!

We've upgraded to big boy towels.
Hunter's first bonfire!
So happy to be barefoot on the grass!
Lots of mom and baby cuddles these days.

Hunter's first waterfall!
We just had an appointment this morning with our nurse practitioner. 
He turned 5 months today!

He is 68cm & 16.9lbs. 

Make in through the day in one piece.
Jk... Kinda.
We wake up around 7am and he's usually pretty chill. He'll play with me in bed or he'll bop along to some kiddie YouTube videos in his exersaucer. He's only up for about an hour before he goes down for another nap. I usually try to eat and sweep during this nap. Dog hair. Drives me bonkers. Mental break downs, all the time. Anyway.... So then he's up somewhere around 9 or 10...Nurse.. Play for maybe an hour or 2. Nap. Wake up after an hour or so, & nurse. I usually try get to the dishes around this time.
So now were sitting around 12-1pm...
This is where life gets a bit trickier.
He stays up longer, and needs more attention, and he also fights sleep really hard. He's pretty difficult to put down for a nap in the afternoon. He usually has one sometimes between 1 and 6pm... This is when I'll try to make dinner.
Then we bath around 7pm then I try to tire him out and get him to sleep. He's usually down between 8:30 and 9:30pm.
And as always, he sleeps through the night, waking maybe twice to eat.

His first 2 naps are easy to put him down for. He usually sleeps for about an hour or so. His afternoon nap is usually much harder. He fights sleep really hard in the afternoon, therefor tends to get super cranky come evening. He still sleeps all night though!
All his naps, and when he goes down for the night are done in his own room, but I keep him in bed with me when he wakes up around midnight or so. Our rooms are currently far apart, and if I was to wake, nurse, and put him back down for the night, I would lose so much sleep. Call me selfish, but I am not into that. It's too convenient to keep him in bed with me in the middle of the night. He sleeps, I sleep. It's a huge win. 

Still exclusively breastfeeding. Yay for 5 months of that! We got the go ahead today to start introducing solid foods! Iron fortified food first, then fruits & veggies. She recommended cereals, but I don't want to give him cereal. She also recommended meat or hardboiled egg yolks. 
Let me know what you first fed your baby!

He's pretty much in 6-9 month clothes now. There's still a few 3-6 month things that fit him, but there's also a few 9 month things that fit him.
He's also in size 4 diapers.

Oh my. Where do I even start? I'm probably going to forget so much because he's grown SO much over the last couple months!
He sits up on his own. 
He'll see something he wants, and he'll grab it. 
He can roll belly to back and can do back to belly with assistance.
He can roll back to side.
He follows objects. 
He knows what "up" means.
He tries so hard to crawl.
He can pull himself up & stand.... for a really long time too!
He babbles and laughs.
He has a favorite toy and a favourite song, and a favourite spot in the house!
He knows his name.
Like I said, I'm probably forgetting so much.
They grow too fast don't they?

Here's some 5 month photos!

All ready to go blueberry picking!

The sound of running water calms him. Thanks tub.


He was nursing but then realized I was trying to take a photo haha!