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Bump Update - 36 Weeks

I always take these photos in the morning right when I get out of bed [before I eat]... So that means, no make up [since I never really wear make up anymore] & no hair brushing [because I always forget about that too.. hahah] & I always look half asleep. Maybe I should have cropped my face out of these! Oh well. 

How far along?  
36 Weeks aka 9 months!! 
Holy crap.

Total weight gain/measurements: 
Weight gain is beyond me as per usual, but I do have an appt next week, so I'll know for my 37 week bump update. 
Belly is 45.5 inches ish. My hands were so sore, I kept dropping the stupid thing lol!

Maternity clothes:  
Nothing new... and I'm just going to say, probably nothing new for the rest of my pregnancy...
The black shirt I'm wearing in the above photos is maternity, but I have to keep pulling it down.. My belly keeps popping out the bottom haha

Stretch marks: 
I DO have new ones on the lower part of my belly. I've only been able to actually see one new one, which I think is kind of funny. I know that its there because I had to switch lotions :( The Aveeno one was working amazingly, but then I went and got the cheaper "Equate" version when I ran out of Aveeno.....
 It's crap.
Don't use it.

Meh. Same old. Up about 4 times a night...then sleep solid for a good 4-5 hours before I wake up for the day. Not too bad! 

Best moment this week: 
Getting a package from my mom was quite the highlight! It had chocolate in it, & that is always a winner.
I also got a free sample package from Similac which was awesome. It came with 8 little bottles of newborn formula, 2 other powder type formulas, and 2 $10 rebate coupons for Similac products.
Also, I finished knitting a blanket, hat & slippers!
Miss anything? 
Alcohol. I had a dream the other night where I was in Mexico or something for my birthday & I was drinking margaritas. Oh it was yummy. 

Always. I posted a video on my Facebook as well as Instagram if you want to go check them out. He likes to stretch out, which can actually be pretty painful for me now that he's so big. He does a lot of rolling around... tossing and turning.
I don't know if you can tell, but he is pushing his butt up on my right side. He does this quite often, switching sides or staying in the middle. He's clearly running out of room. 
Oh and his typical hiccups multiple times a day :)

Food cravings: 
Still Chinese food.
Also, my sweets craving has chilled out [minus apples & other sweet fruit] but now I've really been craving chips! I want salty snacks!

Anything making you queasy or sick? 


Labour signs:  
I'm not quite sure how to distinguish labour signs from symptoms... but theres been lots of pressure in my crotch area... that my friends, feels just wonderful [please note the sarcasm] haha!
Oh, Braxton Hicks!!! Those are kind of painful.. I don't know what people are talking about when they say that they don't even notice them. Makes me a tad bit worried for real labour! I usually hop in the shower right away & just sit there. It feels so nice to just have the water trickle down on my belly.

Seriously, I think I got all the weird symptoms.
Carpal tunnel.
Restless legs.
Blurred vision.
Along with all the basics...
Lots of pressure & lightning crotch.
Achy back & hips.
Plus theres this spot in my pelvis that feels like it's about to crack in half. 

Belly button in or out? 
It's still a halter.
Bo says it's like a turkey timer.. Once it fully pops out, thats it, baby is ready to come out. Hahah!

Happy or moody most of the time: 
A bit of both, but more happy.... but probably more anxious than anything.

Looking forward to: 
Going to my "prenatal assessment" next week [Thursday] at the hospital I'll be delivering in. Very much looking forward to that since I've never been to that city, which means I've never been to that hospital! So it'll be a nice practice run to see how long it takes, where it is, etc. Plus I'll be able to ask about mom and baby care and what their procedures are and what not. 
Also looking forward to my next OB appt [Friday]. I'll be getting an exam done then, so I'll know what kind of state he's in.. whether he's head down, engaged.. if I'm dilated or effaced at all.. etc.