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Bump Update - 35 Weeks

How far along?  
35 weeks... only potentially 5 more weeks to go!

Total weight gain/measurements: 
just have an appt with my OB yesterday, so I do actually know my weight gain this time - total of 45 lbs.. which means Ive only gained 5 lbs in the last 3 weeks.. yay! 
Down 3/4 of an inch around my belly from last week.. bringing me to 45.25 inches... Not complaining. He keeps dropping & moving back up.

Maternity clothes:  
Nothing new.. Although 2 of the 3 maternity shirts I have, don't even fit me length wise anymore...
 Long torso problems. 

Stretch marks: 
I don't know for sure, but I think I might have a couple on the lower part of my belly. It's really hard to tell, since I can barely see that part, & also since I had previous stretch marks there before pregnancy. We'll see. If they are new, they're obviously not noticeable.

It's ok. By ok, I mean, the same. 
The first part of my night is super crappy.. I have to get up and pee like 4 times between midnight and 5am... After that, I can usually sleep straight until 10am!

Best moment this week: 
Fitting into pre-pregnancy jeans [albeit, very stretchy jeans] was a nice surprise!
Taking my own tester silhouette photos was fun! I'll be doing more in a week or so :)

Miss anything? 
Sleeping on my stomach. It's amazing how much I miss it. 

Always.. and can't forget those millions of hiccups. 

Food cravings: 
Persians! If you don't know what a persian is, google it. Thunder Bay is famous for them <3 
 I still haven't gotten my Chinese food fix either... I wouldn't be upset if I came into a pound of chicken balls & sweet and sour sauce. 

Anything making you queasy or sick? 
If I don't eat fast enough. I delayed eating the other day... Just too tired & lazy to get up and make food.. & I didn't want to ask Bo.... Wow what a mistake that was. Turns out, I get really hot & sweaty, super nauseas and weak. Won't be doing that again!


Labour signs:  
Nope. Thankfully. 

I read that your vision can sometimes go to crap while pregnant, and thats definitely happening to me. Over the last couple weeks, my vision has been quite blurry at times. 
My joints have been really sore, especially in my hands and wrists. When I drive, I have to continuously stretch my fingers out because they get SO stiff!
In the night when I get up to go pee, my feet are also really sore... it feels like all the blood goes rushing to them.
Boobs have some leaky days... Nothing major.. Just enough for me to notice it on the inside of my bra or shirt. 
Gas & heartburn have calmed down.. Woo!
My nails are still growing super fast.. but they are still brittle... So I keep them painted.
I think my hair is starting to grow! It came to a halt for like, a year. It was literally the same length for the longest time, so I chopped a few inches off a couple weeks ago, & it looks like its actually growing again!
Lightning crotch!
Headaches...I've been trying to drink more water but it doesn't seem to be helping.

Belly button in or out? 
It goes both ways.. It's still half an outie like 75% of the time

Happy or moody most of the time: 
This week was definitely moody. 
Especially the last couple days... I just still feel so unprepared. Not only with baby things [clothes, accessories, car seat/stroller, etc. **dont judge me**], but with my whole labour and delivery. 
I've only met with my OB twice... Ive never gotten to talk to her about my birth plan. 
I still haven't been able to get an appt to tour the maternity ward at the hospital. 
It just feels so impersonal & that I'm just another pregnancy they need to get through... but don't really care about. I've been so behind with everything through this whole pregnancy... with the tests and what not. I just did a glucose test 3 weeks ago [at 32 weeks] because they basically forgot about me.. & then I didn't get the results until yesterday! I was on the higher side & they want me to do another one. By the time I do it and get the results back, I'll be about ready to have this baby... I really don't even see a point in even doing the stupid test again. It's just so frustrating. I could go on forever about how disappointed I am with my prenatal care.. but I won't for now. 
Maybe in the future I'll do a blog post about the details of it.

Looking forward to: