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Some Changes All Around

I decided to change up the look of my blog page. I liked the previous black look... but I quickly got sick of it and wanted something brighter. I'm still learning how to work with the different features, but I'm getting the hang of it I think! 

I feel like I might be annoying on Facebook with all the uploads about my baby. Literally every post is about my baby or my belly haha! Which is fine by me and I'm sure is fine by a couple others too.. but sine a few more people know about this blog, I figured I should start posting my extra photos here. I quite enjoy the new body that I'm working with these days & of course I'm overly proud of my baby and how he's growing and progressing. What can I say? I like to document it! For a first time mom, I feel this is kind of expected, no? Plus hey, I'm a big fan of belly photos.. Mine or another woman's! I just think it is so amazing how a woman's body works. 
That is just insane to me.. and super cool! Like, yah... I grew a frikkin placenta. I just think that is so neat.... Clearly.... 

And I actually put make up on today for once. So I also felt the need to document that with a shameless selfie. I wasn't feeling very good this morning.. I don't think Baby 'H' likes smoothies for breakfast. I always feel nauseas now after I drink a smoothie. Bananas also seem to give me heartburn now! Which is new... I never had heartburn in my life, until I got pregnant of course. There are so many things that change while you're pregnant. I've come to just accept it all as it comes. I was starting to get annoyed because it felt like, as soon as I got used to one thing, something new would happen... but hey... thats just how its going to go for awhile! Theres nothing wrong with change... Right? Well, I could probably do without all this extra hair on my belly and arms. Literally feeling quite gorilla-like. Again, whatchya gunna do? Just accept it. Haha!

I also have the best mom in the world. She sent me a box of my Christmas decorations! Although it's not all of them, I am thrilled to have all the tree ornaments! I had my very first Christmas tree last year & this year will be my very first REAL tree. We have a backyard/bush/a few acres of land with some pine trees! So were going to go chop one down! I'm so excited! 
Last years tree. This years will look similar, as I have the same balls/snowflakes and tree topper. Maybe I'll get different lights! Oh and of course, this is a fake tree... Ours will be the real deal. 
Another photo of last years tree with all the gifts under it.
No drinks for this girl this year!
 It makes me a little bit sad inside that I'm not going to be able to have the traditional Christmas morning Coffee & Baileys followed by the traditional Christmas morning - after coffee - Mimosas! Every year we do this while we open gifts and make breakfast. It's the best! I'll have to get some fancy non-alcoholic substitutes this year :)