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21 Week Pregnancy Update - Baby #2!

 **Baby at 18 weeks**
**Baby at 21 weeks**
**Our Little Bo Peep**

How far along?  
21 Weeks

Total weight gain/measurements: 
My weight is the same from my first prenatal visit... So I'm going to say that I haven't gained any weight yet!

Maternity clothes:  
In need of! Even though I haven't gained any weight, my belly is a lot bigger than when I was pregnant with Hunter. My regular clothes are starting to get too tight, especially pants. I can no longer do up the bottom on any of my jeans, meanwhile I wore all my pre-pregnancy clothes right until the end with Hunter! & My shirts are all starting to get too short due to the fact I have such a long torso.

Stretch marks: 
No new ones....Yet.

Terrible. Hunter doesn't sleep through the night, so that interrupts my sleep ALL night... When I do get the chance to lay down, I cant stay in one position for too long. I find myself tossing and turning a lot. 

Best moment this week: 
I just came from a second ultrasound so I got to see my baby again! Normally, where I live, they only do 1 ultrasound (the anatomy scan) when you're in your second trimester. They didn't get a good enough picture of her heart or kidneys the last time (baby was moving lots and wouldn't stay in a good position), so they needed me to come in again. Yay!

Miss anything? 
Sleep. I used to sleep so well at night when Hunter was breastfeeding.... But now that he's off the boob and in his own bed, & still not sleeping through the night... It makes for a hard nights rest. 

Lots now! Movement has really increased over the last week. I would feel flutters and movement inside, but now there's lots of big kicks that can be felt on the outside too. 

Food cravings: 
I usually crave sugar in the evenings. I looove sugary, sour candies!
Still loving sandwiches and salads... and still always craving a Spicy Italian from Subway! I could probably eat a foot long sub once a day... Can someone fund my Subway addiction please?

Anything making you queasy or sick? 
Morning sickness still! Every morning, sometimes a bit in the evenings, and if I have to get up out of bed in the middle of the night. I'm pretty much just nauseas all day. So much for that blissful second trimester! 
Oh, also, red meat... Not a fan anymore. I'm all about the chicken and pretty much nothing else. 

I knew she was going to be a girl before I even got pregnant! At our first ultrasound, the tech said she wasn't 100% sure, but she was going with "girl".... Thankfully I had a second ultrasound and it was definitely confirmed that she is in fact, a girl! 

Labour signs:  

Morning sickness is still a big one
Lots of kicks
Lower back pain
Starting to get a bit winded while doing minimal exercise a.k.a chasing after my 1 and a half year old

Belly button in or out? 
Still in

Happy or moody most of the time: 
Moody for SURE

Looking forward to: 
Buying baby girl clothes! 
& also buying Hunter his new big boy bed!