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I Hugged My Baby

Hunter and I have been having a very interesting few days. We have been sharing some very special moments between us that we've never really had before (along with some very emotional ones as well). The older he gets, the more in tune with everything he becomes. He's seriously one of the smartest little people I know. He's so intelligent.
The other morning, I brought him to my room so I could get dressed. I was in the middle of changing my shirt, when Hunter looked over, saw my boobs, and gave me the most adorable, loving, excited look ever! (Breastfed baby problems, am I right?? Haha!) So I of course sat down, on the floor, and nursed him for a few minutes while he played with my hair and tried to stick his whole hand in my mouth. When he was done, I sat him in front of me while I put a shirt back on. He was staring at me so sweetly this whole time. Let me just note here, Hunter is usually the busiest baby in the world. Always gotta be doing something. Always babbling away in his cute baby talk. Always on the go! So to see him so calm and sitting there, plus looking at me the way he was, was so moving. So I sat and looked at him looking at me. He's the sweetest thing Ive ever seen in my life. All I can think is how amazing this little child is. This is my son! MY son! He's incredible. So I lean over and hug him, my arm wrapped around him and my head pressed against his. Then he takes his arm and puts it on mine and starts to lightly scratch my arm. More of a tickle. He leans his head into mine and just holds it there. We sat on the floor hugging for probably 2 minutes before he moved. 

That boy.
My little angel pie.
He's my everything <3