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It All Goes By So Fast Doesn't It....

I remember the days of going to school. All year you were just waiting until summer holidays. The year would just drrraaagggg on by. Then the summer would come and it would go by so fast! Sleeping in, not having to go to class, being with friends, fishing, swimming, going on road trips. 
Oh the life. 
Then you get older & get a job, rent a house, buy a car..... Time tries to slow down but you're still wishing for vacations, waiting for the weekend, or waiting for your work day to be over so you can get a drink with friends. Then all of a sudden it's a year later & you're like "Wow, I can't believe it's been a year!" 
Then you get pregnant. 
Pregnancy, my friends, was the fastest 9 [10months + 10 days, lets be real] months of my life! It was like once I found out we were expecting a baby, the weeks just started flying by, getting closer and closer to your due date. 10 weeks, 20 weeks, 30 weeks, then you're due date comes and goes & you're left wondering how on earth did 42 weeks go by so fast?
Then you see your baby for the first time. His wee little nose and his tiny little toes. So new to the world. Not knowing anything except you. Then you subconsciously do the same thing over again... Waiting for him to hold his head up on his own, to sit, to stand, to crawl.... Then once he's doing these things, you're like, "where did my baby go!?"

Sometimes you just gotta enjoy the now!
I've come to learn that wishing for the future robs you of the present... & why would you want to miss out on the present?
Look at that spitty drooly boy!
I'll be over here, soaking up all the moments <3